What is telemedicine?


Telemedicine is a virtual medical visit using real time audio and video technology. It can be a great option for many patients. Most new patient will require a true face to face initial visit. Established patients may use telemedicine if appropriate for their particular medical issues. Telemedicine reduces the risk of exposure to infectious disease like COVID-19. Patients receive a real time interaction with our provider and get their questions answered and prescriptions refilled.

Telemedicine visits can be established using your mobile phone, mobile devices or computer with audio and visual capability.

Step 1. Call to make an appointment and see if a telemedicine visit is available.

Step 2. If you don't have a portal account, you will need to set one up while you set up your appointment.

Step 3. Download the PocketPatient app if you are using mobile devices.   This app only works on iPhone (iOS12 and above) or Android device (v.7.0).   If you are using a computer, access portal account via URL entclinic.ema.md.  Make sure you are using Chrome or FireFox browser.

Step 4. Complete and update your information using the portal account. Please make sure you are in a location with plenty of light to improve video picture quality.  When able, your camera/phone maybe used for provider to examine you.

Step 5. Join video visit.  When your physician is ready, you will receive a text, email, or notification that your visit is ready.  Click on the link in the message to log in to your portal or the PocketPatient app.  Once you're in, select "Appointments" then "Join video visit" to start the visit.


You can also use the link below to learn how to set up for video visits.

URL: telehealthinfo.us

If you have difficulty setting up telemedicine, please contact us (940) 627-7997 and we can work on  an alternative option.